The Future of MD/DO Residencies: Single GME Accreditation System

Dr. John Potts, Senior VP of Surgical Accreditation at the ACGME, talks about the recent decision to combine MD and DO residency programs under a single GME accreditation system (SAS) by 2020. A must watch for all medical students, residents, and program directors looking to learn about the implications of the decision! 

The Modern Doctor: Social Media Expert

Dr. Vineet Arora talks about how doctors and medical students can leverage social media platforms to advance their practice of medicine. A must watch for any clinician looking to improve patient care through new and innovative ways!

Doctors Can Change the Nation's Policy

Dr. Jay Bhatt, CMO of the American Hospital Association and CEO + President of HRET, urges physicians and medical students to get involved in shaping the nation’s policy. Our patients' stories give us a unique and personal perspective to drive broader conversations about healthcare policy - essentially 'bringing the bedside to the boardroom'.

A Surgeon's Intuition: Listen Before You Operate

Dr. Brian Cole, orthopaedic surgeon and Head Team Physician for the Chicago Bulls and Co-Team Physician for the Chicago White Sox, talks about how surgeons must learn to listen to their patients before processing with surgical treatment. Balancing test results and protocol alongside surgical intuition is ket to better health outcomes for our patients. A must watch for patients, practicing and future physicians. 


The Key to Success: Be a Good Doctor

Dr. Griffin Myers, Founder and CMO of Oak Street Health, delivers his perspective on what it takes to become a successful healthcare innovator. A must watch for all physicians, medical students, and entrepreneurs looking to make a lasting impact in medicine. 

The Perfect Major for Medical School - Director's Advice

Can your college major help you get into medical school and become a better doctor? Dr. Jorge Girotti, Director of Admissions at his medical school, clears up all the confusion around the connection between your college pre-med major and medical school. A must watch for all future medical students and educators interested in a healthcare career. 

Medical Student Turned Tech Hero: The Prosthetic Arm That Will Change Medicine

Aadeel Akhtar, CEO of PSYONIC and medical student, gives a run down of the current state of prosthetic technology in medicine and introduces the prosthetic arm that will change the way doctors treat their amputee patients. 

Doctors: Ditch Your Pager for a Smartphone

Dr. Sunny Jha talks about how smartphones are optimizing and improving the delivery of healthcare. At the same time, smartphones bring upon new challenges that physicians must overcome to ensure quality care for their patients. 

Maybe You Shouldn't Go to Medical School

Dr. Joseph Lee describes his unique journey toward medicine and explains the important factors to explore when considering a career as a physician. Check this out if you're thinking of becoming a doctor or going into any other healthcare field!

The Syllabus for Healthcare

Dr. Amy Ho breaks down the Affordable Care Act and outlines what medical and pre-medical students need to know about healthcare as they are entering the field. A must watch for all future doctors!

Revolutionize Medical School Classes

Dr. Abbas Hyderi, Associate Dean for Curriculum at his medical school, describes the necessary transformation in medical education which will better prepare students and revolutionize their service and practice as future doctors.