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Taking on Anti-Vaccination in the Doctor's Office

Dr. Julie Gerberding encourages doctors and medical students to take a different approach if faced with resistance when recommending vaccinations to their patients. Using empathy to connect with patients may be the key to diffusing concerns regarding the efficacy of vaccines. A must watch for all doctors, students, and patients looking to advance public health care practices.

The Modern Doctor: Social Media Expert

Dr, Vineet Arora talks about how doctors and medical students can leverage social media platforms to advance their practice of medicine. A must watch for any clinician looking to improve patient care through new and innovative ways!

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The Key to Success: Be a Good Doctor

Dr. Griffin Myers, Founder and CMO of Oak Street Health, delivers his perspective on what it takes to become a successful healthcare innovator. A must watch for all physicians, medical students, and entrepreneurs looking to make a lasting impact in medicine.