what is DocThoughts?

DocThoughts is a media platform that interviews thought leaders in medicine and produces 5-minute films. DocThoughts gives an insider’s perspective on topics that are not traditionally covered in the didactic curriculum. We talk to experts such as deans, executives, and physicians about their stories in a personal and informal atmosphere.

why start DocThoughts?

After spending the day in a clinical setting or catching up on additional reading the last thing I wanted to do was browse a journal article about tech advancements in medicine or the consequences of the Affordable Care Act. I needed a resource that was refreshing and personal. That’s why I created DocThoughts - a platform that uses film to establish an informal atmosphere where leaders can use their stories to engage with the healthcare community. DocThoughts is the brainchild of a future doctor, architect, and dentist and is a 100% student led initiative. Bringing leading voices in medicine to the forefront genuinely motivates our team and speakers to continue creating new content. However, DocThoughts isn’t aiming to replace text-based resources. Rather, we aim to build a platform that fuels conversations about the current state and future of medicine.

what does the future hold?

DocThoughts will continue to produce 5-minute films for the nation’s healthcare community. In addition, we’ve received many requests to release our full interviews. Although we intend to keep our video content limited to 5-minutes, we will be launching an audio podcast with the full-length interviews. Stay tuned for the podcast in 2017!

what's the team's favorite food?

By far, Chicago deep-dish pizza.